Are You a Relative of These Airmen?

Someone is writing a book about his father who was a pilot with No. 23 Squadron, and I am lending him a helping hand sort of by creating this new blog.

He needs information on these airmen.

Would you be one of their relatives?

Flight Sergeant Douglas Darbon
(Courtesy Peter Smith)

Flying Officer Heath
(Courtesy Tom Cushing via Peter Smith)

Flight Lieutenant Frank Thomas
(Courtesy Tom Cushing via Peter Smith)

If you are, then write a comment and I will contact you and then I will contact him.


8 thoughts on “Are You a Relative of These Airmen?

  1. My father was a navigator with 23 SQN stationed in Sardinia, Sergeant Albert Ginger Collar.
    I have a photo taken of the Squadron aircrew the day they arrived in Sardinia. That is what I was told.
    My father is not in the photo because he was taken short and had to run behind the hut.

    He survived the war dying in 1976.

  2. I am a nephew of Flt Lt Frank Thomas (and cousin of Glyn from whom you have already have a message).

    Have researched and documented Frank’s war/op sorties and have full copy of orig 23 Sqn Ops Record Book (F540) for period 1 Aug 1944 – 25 Sep 1945.

    If any detail needed.

    Rgds Mike

  3. I am a niece of Flight Sergeant Douglas Darbon. If you need any further information I will gladly pass it onto my Aunt.

    Liz Darbon

  4. I am the sister of 1801128 Flt Sgt Darbon of 23 squadron.
    I would be happy to help if I can with your research.

    • I tried to write to you but your e-mail does not work.
      Maybe you typed it wrong when you send me your comment.

      I know how to reach Peter Smith whose father was the pilot of the Mosquito with your husband.

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