Hey… We’re a team

Peter Smith sent me this picture. It will be in his book.

On the left is Paul Beaudet and on the right is George Stewart.

I did not know who they were before Pete sent me a lot of information about No. 23 Squadron and Eugène Gagnon the French-Canadian Mosquito pilot about whom I was searching information.

Peter sent me all he had found about his father’s squadron.

I was surprised to find another French-Canadian in that squadron.

He is Paul Beaudet who was George Stewart’s navigator. Paul flew on all his missions… I mean “trips”.

How do I know?

George phoned me. Not once, but twice.

I learned a lot about how the pilots performed their “trips…” as he puts it.

That’s the way George called them, not missions… trips…

He said that they did not have a mission per se. They did what they had to do… Period.

During our conversation, George said he was 86 and he asks me how old I was.When I said 61, he called me “kid”.

George is not only a great Mosquito pilot, he is also a great human being.

George also talked about Eugène Gagnon during our phone conversation.

He knew him.


2 thoughts on “Hey… We’re a team

  1. Hi there

    Paul Beaudet was my Grandfather.

    He did not often talk about his time in the War. Perhaps he did with my Mother and her brothers and sisters.

    Now and then he would recollect to me the Train bombings and what it was like to fly the night missions – what he would see, the cold in the plane, the waiting on something to happen and then the action when it did and how when it was all done they would fly back to the base and hang out.

    We have taken his medals and awards and had them framed – a proud reflection of his service.

  2. Hi there,

    I just wanted to follow up on what Sonya was saying.
    Dad remembered his pilot George with great affection.
    It’s quite interesting going over his ‘logbook’ and seeing all their ‘trips’. Sonya is right when she says that he would talk about what he would see, the cold in the plane. He even recounts the time that a bullet grazed his flight suite.

    Our youngest brother has the logbook and we have many pictures of his war years.

    It is so exciting to be reading about him and how he was respected by his squadron.


    Diane Carlucci (née Beaudet)

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