Paul Beaudet DFC

This is the citation Paul Beaudet got for his DFC…

Paul Beaudet was also a French-Canadian.

He was Georges Stewart’s navigator.

In the memory of…


BEAUDET, F/O Joseph Rudolph Paul (J24277)

Distinguished Flying Cross

– No.23 Squadron

– Award effective 15 March 1945 as per London Gazette dated 23 March 1945 and AFRO 721/45 dated 27 April 1945.

Home in Portneuf, Quebec; enlisted Montreal, 18 July 1942.  Trained at No.3 ITS (graduated 25 September 1942) and No.8 AOS (graduated 22 January 1943).

Award presented 27 February 1947.  No citation other than “completed… many successful operations against the enemy in which [he has] displayed high skill, fortitude and devotion to duty.”

Public Records Office Air 2/9050 has recommendation dated 14 December 1944 when he had flown 50 sorties (223 hours 35 minutes):

12 July 44     Zuider Zee                          “Freshman” sortie (not further explained)

14 July 44     Venlo and Volkel               Intruder

20 July 44     Heligoland Bight                Day patrol

20 July 44     Coulommiers a/f                Intruder; bombed airfield

21 July 44     Vechtaa/Quakenbruck      Intruder

23 July 44     Westland/Sylt a/d              Intruder; bombed aerodrome

24 July 44     Florennes a/d                     Intruder

26 July 44     Coulommiers a/f                Intruder; bombed airfield

28 July 44     Bonn                                   Intruder

4 Aug 44      Bordeaux                            Escort to bombers

5 Aug 44      Bordeaux                            Escort to bombers

7 Aug 44      St.Trond                              Intruder

8 Aug 44      Gilze/Eindhoven                Intruder

9 Aug 44      Florennes a/f                      Intruder; bombed airfield

11 Aug 44    St.Trond                              Intruder

12 Aug 44    Schleswig a/f                     Intruder; strafed an airfield

15 Aug 44    Ausbach/Kitzengen/Hall   Free lance

16 Aug 44    Westerland/Sylt                 Intruder

25 Aug 44    Oberolm                             Intruder; strafed F/P [?], Brussells

27 Aug 44    Leuwarden                         Intruder

28 Aug 44    Venlo                                Intruder; bombed Gilze.

29 Aug 44    Nordholz                         Intruder

1 Sept 44     Kiel                                     Intruder; ground strafing Kiel; bombed road, guns, searchlights; returned on starboard engine.

9 Sept 44     Bonn                                 Intruder

10 Sept 44   Wunstorf                         Intruder

12 Sept 44   Holland                           Escort

16 Sept 44   Dutch coast                    Escort

19 Sept 44   Biblis                                Intruder

23 Sept 44   Ahlhern                           Intruder

26 Sept 44   Grove aerodrome         Day Ranger; one Ju.88 damaged on ground; shot at Freya (radar).

27 Sept 44   Frankfurt area              Night Ranger; one unidentified enemy aircraft damaged on landing.

29 Sept 44   Hall and Crailsheim   Intruder

2 Oct 44       Nordhausen                  Intruder; damaged four trains

3 Oct 44       Memmingen                 Intruder; two trains damaged

5 Oct 44       Echterdingen               Intruder

28 Oct 44     Paderborn                    Ground strafing; bombed railway; damaged one train; damaged two more.

1 Nov 44       Sachsenheim               Intruder; damaged five trains.

2 Nov 44       Handorff                     Intruder

4 Nov 44       Ardorf                          Intruder; damaged Ju.88 and He.111

6 Nov 44       Paderborn                  Intruder

11 Nov 44    Quackenbruck            Intruder

21 Nov 44    Babenhausen, Zellhausen      Intruder

27 Nov 44    Anderf, Marx             Intruder

28 Nov 44    Bonn                            Bomber support; bombed Bonn.

29 Nov 44    Bremen area              Cooperation patrol; drawing flak from minelaying aircraft

1 Dec 44      Cologne area               Intruder; bombed Cologne airfield

2 Dec 44      Werl                             Intruder

4 Dec 44      Langheim                   Intruder; chased a V-1 “doodlebug”

6 Dec 44      Gutterslog                   Intruder

8 Dec 44      Coblenz area              Intruder; bombed Coblenz.

This navigator has carried out 50 sorties with his pilot in the fine months that they have spent in the squadron. He has taken part in every phase of the squadron activities and his navigational ability has been of an exceptionally high standard.  He and his pilot have damaged three aircraft in the air, one on the ground, three trains and twelve locomotives.  He has shown a fine offensive spirit throughout his tour and his infectious enthusiasm for his job has been a great example to the squadron.

To the above, the Station Commander writes (15 December 1944):

This officer has been a true inspiration to all with whom he come in contact. His enthusiasm to engage the Hun and his daring offensive spirit have become a bye-word in the squadron. I recommend he be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Next time I will tell you something about George Stewart.


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