More Information About Eugène Gagnon

Last weekend I visited Marcel Bergeron whose hero was Eugène Gagnon.

He told me a lot of things about Eugène.

One thing he told me is that Eugène gave him  a ride in a training plane stationned at Windsor Mills, Quebec.

This would have happen in the fall of 1945 when Eugène came back from England.

Windsor Mills was home of No. 4 EFTS  (Elementary Flying Training School). No. 4 EFTS opened on June 24, 1940 and closed on August 25, 1944. The planes that were flown there were Fleet Finch and Tiger Moth.

I got a large panoramic picture of Windsor Mills personnel that was sent to me by Mario Hains.

I will talk about it more someday.

Getting back to Eugène and Marcel, Marcel told me they took off for a ride on a Fleet Finch. He recognised the plane with the pictures that I had given him.

When they were in the sky, Eugène asked Marcel what he was seeing down below. Marcel told him he saw cows.

Eugène put the Fleet Finch in a dive and said…

No they’re Germans… and he leveled off close to the ground.

Eugène was demobilised in December 1945, but before he gave someone else a ride.

Come back next time…


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