Another Airman Who Admired Mosquito Pilots

This is Jean-Paul Corbeil.

He is not with No 23 Squadron.

air gunner RCAF

I met him this afternoon and we talked for almost three hours.

He was a Mid-upper gunner  on a Halifax during the war.He was with the 425 Alouette Squadron.

I asked him what he thought of Mosquito pilots.His eyes filled with admiration. He told me that were the ones who directed them to the targets over Germany.

He told me he heard only twice a Mosquito pilot talking on the radio. He was using a code.

Coca-Cola… Pepsi-Cola…

That was all he heard.

Do you know anything about this?

After, I told him all about Eugène Gagnon and George Stewart.

Eugene Gagnon

This is Jean-Paul Corbeil’s crew.

Mister Corbeil is a great humble man… We also talked about another humble man, Eddy Dubois.


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