Remember Eugène Gagnon… the French Canadian Mosquito pilot…

I saw Marcel yesterday.

Eugène was his hero.

Marcel even played hockey with Eugène back in 1946…

Courtesy Mario Hains

He had some pictures of Eugène Gagnon he took in 1947.

Eugène was killed in a plane crash.

He tried to crash land his Seabee airplane which had develop engine problem and he tried save his passengers.

Same type of plane that crashed

Eugène did not survive the crash but all three passengers did.

Eugène was a Mosquito pilot of No.23 Squadron.

He took part in 33 night missions.

Here are the pictures Marcel sent me.

Marcel Bergeron at the crash site

Part of the wreckage: one of the wheel

Sifting through the wreckage

Looking for evidence

Next time, the funeral.