No. 23 Squadron alive and well…

Got a message from Paul Beaudet’s granddaughter.

Hi there,

Paul Beaudet was my grandfather.

He did not often talk about his time in the war. Perhaps he did with my mother and her brothers and sisters.

Now and then he would recollect to me the train bombings and what it was like to fly the night missions – what he would see, the cold in the plane, the waiting on something to happen and then the action when it did and how when it was all done they would fly back to the base and hang out.

We have taken his medals and awards and had them framed – a proud reflection of his service.

You can feel her granddaughter is so proud of her grandfather.

That’s what this blog is all about… keeping their memories alive.


One thought on “No. 23 Squadron alive and well…

  1. Dear Pierre

    Thank you so much for getting in touch with Paul’s family.

    I would really love to communicate with them, considering how much Paul and I went through together.

    Paul was a wonderful man, devoted husband and marvellous navigator, and I have been so sad to have lost touch with him.

    I feel as though for some reason he didn’t want to continue our friendship, after I called him many years ago.

    He bravely sat through all the tense situations that arose during our operations, without complaining, and deserved the DFC which he so justly earned.

    I gather that he is no longer with us, by the comments made, and I know as a deeply devout Catholic, he is now in a better place, as I vividly recall his going to mass, no matter how late we returned from our operations!

    May he rest in peace.

    Again thank you, and have his family call me or email me if they so desire.

    I’ll never forget Paul

    God bless


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