Have you read Diane’s comment about her father?

Click here…

Sharing is so wonderful.

Now let’s share a little.

This is Peter Smith.

Peter Smith (Courtesy Peter Smith)

Peter paid a visit to George Stewart.

George Stewart and Peter Smith (Courtesy Peter Smith)

Peter wanted to meet George. He learned back in 2006 that his father was a Mosquito pilot with No. 23 Squadron.

Peter is writing a book about his father and all the comrades his father knew.

George was one of them…

(Courtesy Peter Smith)

So was Eugène Gagnon…

(Courtesy Tom Cushing)

Lest we forget…


3 thoughts on “Sharing what we know is so wonderful…

  1. Getting some more catching up done. This has to be the best History blog on word press, I hope they recognize you on Freshly Pressed. I’m not there very often, but still.

    1. About recognition on Freshly Pressed on WordPress…

      In French Canada there is an expression…

      Indépendant comme un cochon sur la glace.

      Independent just like a pig on a skating rink…

      Go figure

      I have got all the recognition I need with my readers’ comments.

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