You are never too old…

When Eugène Gagnon came back to live in Bromptonville after being discharged from the RCAF, he went to see his mother first.

But the next day, he went to see Marcel Bergeron’s grandmother.

Odélie Trudel

You see, Eugène Gagnon was kind of an adopted son to Odélie.

Eugène asked her if she wanted a plane ride in a Fleet Finch. Some were still stationed at the Windsor Mills Flying School.

Fleet Finch (not Eugene in the picture)

Odélie Trudel was 92 years old at the time.

She said yes…

And she had the ride of her life.

Eugène would die in 1947 in a plane crash.


People kept this a secret.

Odélie died in 1948. She never expected to see her kind of adopted son sitting next to St. Pierre.


3 thoughts on “You are never too old…

  1. My uncle flew for RAF Squadron 23 and was killed on November 26 1942 in a Mosquito fighter bomber. His name was Duncan Stuart Hutt, RCAF. This was before the move from England. My mother told me that her mother sent packages to the pilots in Malta, but the Wing Commander told her that all pilots that Stuart had flown with in England were KIA.

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