Paul Beaudet’s album

This is the start of a series of articles on unidentified airmen that belonged to No. 23 Squadron.

Diane gave me permission to post the pictures she had of her father on this blog.

I will first put this one.

This is her father.

Paul Beaudet DFC

Paul as you know was George Stewart’s navigator.

This is George.

George Stewart DFC

We are lucky to know their names.

Peter Smith kind of introduced me to Georges Stewart. Peter sent me part of his manuscript. In it he has some pictures of Paul Beaudet that George Stewart shared with him.

This is one of them.

Hey George… We’re a team!

Diane has this picture also and she has a lot more to share with you.

This is the first one.

I think I recognize George on the left. I don’t think Paul Beaudet is on the right.

I know No. 23 Squadron was posted on Malta and Sardinia. I don’t know if this picture was taken there.

What I know is that the island of Malta suffered a lot before the RAF could send planes to defend against the numerous attacks from the Luftwaffe.

See you next Monday for more pictures that seem related to Malta.

5 thoughts on “Paul Beaudet’s album

  1. Good evening from France,

    I am interested in 23 squadron for 2 reasons:

    1) I met last year Alexander Lawson who flew Mosquitos with 23 Sq. and shot down a JU88 over Toulouse on 6 jan 1944; I found the remains of this JU88.
    2) I shall look next week for the remains of Philip ENSOR’s Havoc I that crashed on 8 sept 1941 near Morlaix, Brittany.
    If you wish to know more, let me know.
    Best regards
    Gilles Collaveri


      F/O P S B Ensor

      Philip Stephen Baddesley Ensor of Gidleigh, Devon was born in Beckenham, Kent in 1920 and educated at Bradfield College. He joined the RAF on a short service commission in June 1938. After completing his training he joined 23 Squadron at Wittering in June 1939.

      On 12th January 1940 he was posted from 12 Group Pool Aston Down to 229 Squadron at Digby but went soon afterwards to 610 Squadron at Wittering. Ensor rejoined 23 Squadron in May.

      During the night of 15th/16th October he destroyed a He111 and on the 19th/20th he damaged another. Ensor was successful on night intruder operations over French airfields.

      On 2nd/3rd January 1941 he got a probable He111 and was awarded the DFC (gazetted 18th February 1941), the citation stating that he had taken part in numerous engagements against the enemy, including three at night.

      During the night of 3rd/4th March he destroyed a He111 over Merville airfield, on the 11th/12th he destroyed a bomber on the ground at Beauvais airfield, on 3rd/4th May a Ju88 and probably a He111 over Le Bourget airfield, on the 4/5th a He111 probably destroyed and two others damaged over Caen airfield, on the 7/8th a He111 destroyed in the Arras area and on the 10th/11th a Ju88 destroyed over Beauvais airfield.

      Ensor was killed on 8th September 1941 aged 21.

      Havoc I BB905 was shot down on a night intruder sortie to Lannion, it came down at Sainte Sève near Morlaix in France.

      Also lost were F/O PA Roberts DFM and Sgt. GD Oliver.

      Ensor is buried in Kerfautras Cemetery, Brest

    1. Oui, Je suis Leo Beaudet qui est in Massena, NY 13662. J’ai suis en pension. Mes parents vient de St. Gertrude, Quebec. Content de vous contente.

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