No. 23 Squadron in Malta or Sardinia?

Here are more pictures of Paul Beaudet a navigator who served with No. 23 Squadron.

I know that the squadron was based in Malta to defend the island.

This is video I found on Google.

If I post these pictures, it’s to find more relatives of the airmen who served in this squadron.

I believe these were taken at Luqa, Malta but it could be also at these locations: Alghero, Sardinia and Blida, Sardinia.

Do you know any of the unidentified airmen?

Paul Beaudet on the left with…?


George Stewart in the middle

Paul Beaudet, …, George Stewart and… in Alghero (see comment below)

Paul Beaudet, …

Paul Beaudet



10 thoughts on “No. 23 Squadron in Malta or Sardinia?

  1. The picture with the boats in the back was not taken in Sassari, since Sassari is not on the sea. The exact place is the harbour of Alghero.

  2. Pierre,
    another comment: Blida is not in Sardinia but in Algeria, I suppose.
    Regarding the picture taken in Alghero, I made a photo of the same place few days ago. You can compare them and easily recognize the place. If you give me an email address I will send it to you.

  3. Hello, I am trying to get some information about my Grandfather Norman Smith, I’m not sure but I think he was in 23 squadron when they were based in Malta, but I’ve looked through your blog and can’t see any record of him at all,
    Can you help please?,
    Thank you,
    John Brackstone

  4. Pierre,,
    My dear friend, this is fantastic. It’s such a pity I didn’t come across this opportunity before. I guess you must have tons of information due to all the research you must have done. Have you got everything in an appropriate order that you could publish a book for people like myself. I am sure you are quite capable to get such a task published. I have no doubt there are others like myself who would love to own a book with all the information you have. Please, do let me know when you get to that stage.

    • Reading each blog from the start is like reading a book.
      Why bother with editors to have a book published.
      I have so much fun writing.
      Stay tuned Joe, if I can call you by your first name, I will have more in store for you.
      But now, you have so much to read.

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