Who are these men?

Diane is lending me a helping hand with the pictures her father took during WW II.

Here’s one for the gipper…

Diane told me who these airmen were.

Top row: Roger Vincent A.G., Phil Roch B.A., Boyer M.
Bottom row: Charles Filion P., Roland Piquette W.A.G.

Who are these men?

To me it seems that they are the crew of a bomber.

With the abbreviations beside the names, I can figure out that Roger Vincent is the air gunner, Phil Roch is the bombaimer. I would venture to say that Boyer M. is M. Boyer and is also part of this crew. Charles Filion is the pilot and Roland Piquette the wireless-operator and an air gunner.

These airmen were not flying Mosquitos.

Who are these airmen?

I found someone named Maurice Boyer on the Virtual Canadian War Memorial…

In memory of
Pilot Officer
who died on March 24, 1944

Military Service:

Service Number: J/88343
Age: 24
Force: Air Force
Unit: Royal Canadian Air Force
Division: 425 Sqdn.

Could this crew have  flown on Wellingtons which had five airmen aboard?

Did Paul paid them a visit or did they visit him?

So many questions.


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