Ken Eastwood and Griff Rogers…

Someone sent me this picture with the pilot’s name…

Ken Eastwood

Diane also had this picture but she did not know who he was…

This is Ken Eastwood.

This person wrote that Ken Eastwood and Griff Rogers took off in YP-A on September 18, 1944.

Five aircraft were detailed for the night’s operations on targets over Gutersloh, Strade, Hilde, Vechta and Ardorf.

F/O Eastwood and F/LT Rogers in aircraft “A” PZ177 failed to return.


4 thoughts on “Ken Eastwood and Griff Rogers…

  1. Hi,

    I was researching my mother’s {Beryl Eastwood) family when I came across your picture and details of her uncle Kenneth Eastwood when he was with 23 Squadron in 1944, the year he died.
    So great to have a picture of my great uncle as none were available in the family


    Dave Wells
    Bristol UK

    • Hi Dave
      Thought you might like to know that my mother Audrey Baker (nee Eastwood) Ken’s sister is still alive living on the Wirral. If you want to know more about Ken look up Aircrew Remembered where the story of Ken and Griff’s death is shown along with photos. Also there is a family tree of the Eastwood family on under my name. It is open so you can look at it if you wish. It shows a different branch to Beryl’s but it might be of interest.
      Ken Baker

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