News from George

I have been sending George Stewart  the pictures that Diane has sent me.

I was afraid to annoy George with all this as I sent him two pictures.

Hi Pierre,
Of course you’re not annoying me; it’s not unlike priming a pump, I’m enjoying it!!!

Now, I believe that  we can now safely assume the identity of the navigator with his left hand on his pilot’s shoulder is F/O K.A.Stretch, and his pilot on the center bike is F/O G. B.(George) Wightman, photographed just by our Nissan Hut, down at the site where we were billeted.

This would also support the friendship with another navigator, Paul Beaudet, because of our close proximity at site 5. I also was photographed on my bike on the same occasion; likely both taken by Paul Beaudet.

The pilot on the other bike is F/O G,Austin, whose navigator was F/S J. Redwood. They started their tour on 5th of September, whereas George Wightman and his navigator had been operating for some time, possibly even in Sardinia.

On page 2, upper left, we find four airmen, L to R; Al Berry, Ken Eastwood, Paul Beaudet, and Al’s pilot, (who had just recently been  promoted to Pilot Officer), Ron Neil, and they appear side by side in the photo on the right.

This is great mixing and matching!


Remember when I talked about Ken Eastwood

He was there all along in the picture…


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