26 November 1942

I got this comment on my blog.

My uncle flew for RAF Squadron 23 and was killed on November 26 1942 in a Mosquito fighter bomber. His name was Duncan Stuart Hutt, RCAF. This was before the move from England. My mother told me that her mother sent packages to the pilots in Malta, but the Wing Commander told her that all pilots that Stuart had flown with in England were KIA.

Source of images

I found these locations of No. 23 Squadron on this site.

16 May 1938-31 May 1940: Wittering
31 May-12 September 1940: Collyweston
12 September 1940-6 August 1942: Ford
12-25 September 1940: Detachment to Middle Wallop
6-14 August 1942: Manston
14-21 August 1942: Bradwell Bay
21 August-13 October 1942: Manston

13 October-11 December 1942: Bradwell Bay

11-27 December 1942: On way to Malta
27 December 1942-7 December 1943: Luqa
3 September-5 October 1943: Detachment to Signella
5 October-1 November 1943: Detachment to Gerbini Main
1 November-7 December 1943: Detachment to Pomigliano
7 December 1943-8 May 1944: Alghero
8-19 May 1944: Blida
19 May-2 June 1944: Returning to UK
2 June 1944-25 September 1945: Little Snoring

Duncan Stuart Hutt was stationed at Bradwell Bay when he got killed.

I found this video on the Internet about No. 23 Squadron based in Italy.

If you have information on No. 23 Squadron, just write me a comment and I will get in touch just like I did with Stuart Hutt’s nephew.