There is not much information on F/L Jackie Curd…

Jackie Curd was on a picture with Paul Beaudet. They were based in Sardinia with No. 23 Squadron.

This is all that I found on the Internet about Flight Lieutenant Jackie Curd.

23 Squadron (AIR 27/288)
16 Mosquitos on patrols.

All returned safely.

Mosquito PZ176 G/C B.R.Hoare / Fl. W. Gregory patrol Vaerloes.Two unidentified aircraft attacked and claimed as damaged. Up: 00:45. Down 06:00.

Mosquito HR201 F/S J. Weston / Sgt Francis patrol Aalborg. Uneventful. Up 02:20 Down 06:35.

Mosquito PZ178 F/L J. Curd / F/S P.H.Devlin patrol Grove. Uneventful. Up 22:50. Down 03:05.


Paul Beaudet and Jackie Curd

Do you know Jackie Curd?

Do you have more information on him?



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