Sardinia, February 1944

Mike is sharing this…

Hi Pierre,

Good news, I have found the photo of the Squadron the day they arrived at Sardinia, well that is what I have believed all these years.
The name at the foot of the picture looks like Fenrier 1944, what do yo think?
Dad’s pilot looks as if he is in this photo, sitting behind some boxes.
Will keep looking for my fathers service record, and his campaign medals (4)

Click on the image to zoom in


One thought on “Sardinia, February 1944

  1. Another great picture. I read the caption as “Fevrier 1944”.

    Pierre do you think that my dad could be the first man on the left? My husband thinks not because the cheeks are too round? I’m not even sure if dad had joined the 23 Squadron by then.

    Wouldn’t it be great to identify these men.

    Mike who is your dad?

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