Here’s what George has to say about that picture…

Diane, Paul Beaudet’s daughter wrote me Monday.

She sent me pictures George Stewart wanted to share with you.

This was the first one, but there are more.

Click to zoom in…

Diane said this in her e-mail: 

“That picture is the only one that exactly depicts the period, because of the bike etc., that I ever had, and it was lost for over 40 years (I found it amongst my dad’s pictures).”

George wrote Diane an e-mail explaining what this photo represented.  
…Yes, that is YP-E (PZ 181) named ‘St Chris’, in which Paul and I did 7 operations. The setting of this shot is at our dispersal point, across the airfield, and typifies, more than any other, the actual scene of an operational Mosquito at readiness. As for what you see on the tires, they are covered with tarps, between flights, to prevent engine, and hydraulic fluids leaking on them, and rotting the natural rubber used at that time. 
Looking at this picture, you feel you’re almost in Little Snoring in the fall of 1944.


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