Last to land…

Last to land was NT235 F/S P W Goody (pilot) and F/S J Jacobs (navigator)

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I’m after any info about Bill Goody. I know he was stationed at Little Snoring and was with 23 Squadron. Have you any details please. Maybe even a picture?

I wrote right back… asking for more info and got this…

Thanks Pierre,

but I think this is just somebody with the same name as the Percy Goody that I’m after never had any children.
Here’s a bit of background for you – if you’re interested.
Between about 1973 and 1977 (when I was between 12 and 16) I was in the ATC (Air Training Corps). The ATC is a bit like the Scouts, but for boys and girls who have a interest for aircraft. Anyway, Percy, or Bill as we knew him was one of the officers. He was a really great chap, who made each boy feel like his own son. Around 1975 I was doing a school project on the Mosquito, and recently, I came across (when clearing out my loft), and account of a raid that Bill wrote for me. The raid was from Little Snoring in April 1945. Bill was a pilot of 23 Squadron. – I can write it up if you like and post it on your website? I know that Bill is now dead as we stayed in contact on-and-off until he died, but I would like to find out more about his war record.

For interest, rolling forward many years, I now have my private pilots license and will this Summer, God Willing, go an land at Little Snoring – as a little homage,

What’s your interest in 23 Squadron?



What’s my interest in 23 Squadron?

No. 23 Squadron last mission

This is Eugène Gagnon’s last mission.

Six Mosquitos took part in the last mission.

2/3 May1945

Plane: RS517

Take-off: 2115

Landing: 0100

Bombing Patrol (6 attack A/C + 1 FRESHMAN).

Carried out bombing patrol of Hohn under instructions of S/L Griffiths (Master Bomber duties).

Airfield was bombed with incendiaries which caused good fires. Slight amount of light and heavy flak encountered.
Airfield defences active and strafed with cannon fire. In view of the difficulty in pinpointing the target, the prang seemed quite successful. Airfield later seen clearly in light of fires but no enemy aircraft seen.


1. From the notes against the FRESHMAN crew accompanying this sortie, it was a ‘Fire Bash’ napalm mission.

2. Aircraft PZ313 (F/S Bird and F/S Thomson) hit by light flak – damaged rear mainplane inboard of port engine. All A/C RTB and no injuries.

3. F/L Frank Thomas and co/pilot F/S Halliday were also on this mission.

4. 3 May saw the landings of the last operational sorties (this mission and a 4 A/C bombing patrol of Flensburg) by 23 Sqn in World War II. Last to land was NT235 F/S P W Goody (pilot) and F/S J Jacobs (co-pilot) from this Hohn mission – landing at 0125hrs.

Last to land was NT235 F/S P W Goody (pilot) and F/S J Jacobs (co-pilot) from this Hohn mission – landing at 0125hrs.

photo courtesy Tommy Cushing via Peter Smith

This was Eugène Gagnon’s last mission and also Flight Sergeant Percy William Goody who would later on touched someone’s life…

January 17 Squadron diaries

Jan.17 Squadron diaries:

Casualty signal.

Reported missing to Squadron News was received very early this morning that there were no operations tonight but that the Squadron was to standby in case of an alteration of plans. However later in the afternoon the stand down was received.

Oulton required one aircraft for Fighter Affiliation and F/Sgt. Goody and Sgt. Jacobs went over at 18.10 hours and returned at 20.10 hours.

Several postings were received and F/O Stewart and F/O Beaudet are being repatriated to their native Canada.

They are excellent types and completed a successful tour of operations, but were unfortunate in not getting much luck against the enemy. Both are offensive minded and were always ready to go on ‘Ops’ and completed their tour very quickly after settling down. A farewell drink on the bar last night developed into a small party and a sortie was made on one of the ‘Locals’. When that closed a return visit was made to the Mess and by closing time everyone appeared to be feeling in good trim. Our gallant Canadians will remember their last hours here.

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