January 17 Squadron diaries

Jan.17 Squadron diaries:

Casualty signal.

Reported missing to Squadron News was received very early this morning that there were no operations tonight but that the Squadron was to standby in case of an alteration of plans. However later in the afternoon the stand down was received.

Oulton required one aircraft for Fighter Affiliation and F/Sgt. Goody and Sgt. Jacobs went over at 18.10 hours and returned at 20.10 hours.

Several postings were received and F/O Stewart and F/O Beaudet are being repatriated to their native Canada.

They are excellent types and completed a successful tour of operations, but were unfortunate in not getting much luck against the enemy. Both are offensive minded and were always ready to go on ‘Ops’ and completed their tour very quickly after settling down. A farewell drink on the bar last night developed into a small party and a sortie was made on one of the ‘Locals’. When that closed a return visit was made to the Mess and by closing time everyone appeared to be feeling in good trim. Our gallant Canadians will remember their last hours here.

Hey! We’re a team…


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