Last to land…

Last to land was NT235 F/S P W Goody (pilot) and F/S J Jacobs (navigator)

Tim wrote a comment on this blog.


I’m after any info about Bill Goody. I know he was stationed at Little Snoring and was with 23 Squadron. Have you any details please. Maybe even a picture?

I wrote right back… asking for more info and got this…

Thanks Pierre,

but I think this is just somebody with the same name as the Percy Goody that I’m after never had any children.
Here’s a bit of background for you – if you’re interested.
Between about 1973 and 1977 (when I was between 12 and 16) I was in the ATC (Air Training Corps). The ATC is a bit like the Scouts, but for boys and girls who have a interest for aircraft. Anyway, Percy, or Bill as we knew him was one of the officers. He was a really great chap, who made each boy feel like his own son. Around 1975 I was doing a school project on the Mosquito, and recently, I came across (when clearing out my loft), and account of a raid that Bill wrote for me. The raid was from Little Snoring in April 1945. Bill was a pilot of 23 Squadron. – I can write it up if you like and post it on your website? I know that Bill is now dead as we stayed in contact on-and-off until he died, but I would like to find out more about his war record.

For interest, rolling forward many years, I now have my private pilots license and will this Summer, God Willing, go an land at Little Snoring – as a little homage,

What’s your interest in 23 Squadron?



What’s my interest in 23 Squadron?


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