Raw footage of 23 Squadron

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You can see Sticky in one of the scenes of stock raw footage taken of 23 (Mosquito) Squadron in Italy 1944.

This is another scene where we see airmen standing in line…

If you want to know why I am posting this picture, click here.


4 thoughts on “Raw footage of 23 Squadron

  1. My father Flight Lieutenant R. J. (Jock) Reid was Sticky Murphy’s navigator from June 1943 until Sticky’s death in 1944.
    Sadly my father died peacefully on 15 August 2011.
    I have just been looking through his raf logbook and his war diaries.

    • Hi Robert,

      My name is Diane (née Beaudet) Carlucci, I’m the daughter (one of five children) of Flight Lieutenant Paul JR. Beaudet who was at Little Snoring at the same time as your dad and Sticky Murphy.

      I send you my sympathizes for the recent loss of your dad. When dad passed away we found some comfort by going through his and mom’s memories; and of course the log book and war photos were part of them.

      My dad never talked much about his war years but whenever he did he always talked about his pilot George Stewart and what a great team they were. Through Pierre’s blog we had the unbelievable luck of connecting with George Stewart last year. George and his wife Marion welcomed us with open arms and have continued to do so. George lent us his log book and his ‘war notes’ which I spend last winter typing up. I then started combining his photos, notes, and log book with my dad’s…what a treasurer we now have. George has an incredible memory and was able to identify the people in dad’s war photos (of course very few of them had an identification on the back).

      Can you send me a photo of your dad from 1943-1944 so that I can see if he is in any of dad’s? I’ll send you my email via Pierre.

      Keep in touch.


    • I could not understand your question at first. Now I can.

      You can’t put a picture in the comment section.

      I could post the picture on my blog but as I said I don’t know its source. I don’t recall posting it.


      Le 2011-09-01 20:49,

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