Someday down the road

Someone will find this blog about No. 23 Squadron and he or she will reunite with someone who knew those brave airmen who served with this RAF squadron during World War II.

Just like Diane did.

Her father was Paul Beaudet, George Stewart’s navigator.

 George Stewart had always thought that Paul had forgotten all about  him after the war.

With this blog, 65 years later, I reunited George and Paul Beaudet’s daughter.

Diane told him his father never stopped talking about George…!

In September, I will pay a little visit to George who calls me Kid.

I like that…

I am 62, but deep inside I am still a 10 year-old kid mesmerized in front of a men’s clothing store on Jean-Talon Street in Montreal in 1958 looking at airplane models in the display windows.

This is when my passion for aviation and history started.

I can still see these model airplanes.

This passion that grew by the passage of time is why George and Diane are now reunited.

Soon others will follow.

Before I leave you, I would like to put on this comment I received last week.

My father Flight Lieutenant R. J. (Jock) Reid was Sticky Murphy’s navigator from June 1943 until Sticky’s death in 1944.
Sadly my father died peacefully on 15 August 2011. I have just been looking through his RAF logbook and his war diaries.

I sent this comment to Peter Smith so he could write Flight Lieutenant R. J. (Jock) Reid’s son. 

Lest We Forget


One thought on “Someday down the road

  1. Pierre you are so right. Having George and his wife Marion in our lives has added a precious treasurer to it. Thank you so much.

    Have a great visit with them.

    Diane Carlucci

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