If I was shot down…

George Stewart showed me this…

It was given to him.

These are the instructions on how to pilot a Hs 126 in case he was shot down and could escape by stealing a German plane.

This is one of the many things I learned during my five-hour visit with this former Mosquito pilot who was with  23 Squadron.

Old pilot yes, but he never looked his age.

At the most people would say he is in his early 70s.

He’s 86 going on 87 in December.

I did not take his picture, only the instructions to fly a Hs 126 and this one.

He wrote his  parents in December 1944.

He was 20 years old.

He had completed 50 missions on Mosquitos.

He was coming home.

Welcome home George.

We are glad to see you are safe and sound.

Why Sticky?

Peter says this in his manuscript…

Although it is not known exactly when, but more likely to be while Murphy was with the RAF, he was christened with the name that would stay with him forever “Sticky”.

Sticky got his name because he would never let go of anything; he was a “stickler” for seeing something through. If he got a bee in his bonnet he would pursue it to the last… until whatever had bothered him had reached a conclusion.

Now Peter knows who was Sticky’s navigator.