Why Sticky?

Peter says this in his manuscript…

Although it is not known exactly when, but more likely to be while Murphy was with the RAF, he was christened with the name that would stay with him forever “Sticky”.

Sticky got his name because he would never let go of anything; he was a “stickler” for seeing something through. If he got a bee in his bonnet he would pursue it to the last… until whatever had bothered him had reached a conclusion.

Now Peter knows who was Sticky’s navigator.


2 thoughts on “Why Sticky?

  1. Thanks Pierre,

    ‘Sticky Murphy’ is often mentioned in George Stewart’s log book or his ‘war notes’. As I was typing George’s notes last winter I often wonder were Stciky Murphy got his nickname. What was the name of Sticky Murphy’s navigator? My dad, Paul Beaudet (George’s navigator) even has a few photos of himself, George and Sticky Murphy.

    Dad would have just loved to see all of this, especially knowing that you’ve been in touch with the families of some of men of his squadron.

    Un gros merci pour tout.


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