Paying homage to Wing Commander Russell

I have not written that much about Wing Commander Russell.

There is very little information on the Internet about him.

I found this in a forum…

Distinguished Flying Cross. 23 APRIL, 1943

Acting Squadron Leader Samuel Philip RUSSELL (73011), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 23 Squadron.

This officer has completed 41 sorties. Whilst serving in the United Kingdom, he participated in numerous attacks on lines of communication in France and Belgium, causing the destruction of seven locomotives. In the Middle East he has executed many sorties, involving attacks on rail and road transport, causing much destruction. In March, 1943, Squadron Leader Russell made a successful attack on a destroyer.

Some days later he pressed home a vigorous attack on a medium-sized merchant vessel, setting it on fire. In addition, he destroyed an E boat.

This officer has displayed inspiring leadership, great courage and keenness.

Russell was CO of 23 Squadron, as Wing Commander from Dec 1944 to 1946

Wing Commander Russell is the person who owned this picture…

This is what is written in the back.

Wing Commander Russell wrote it for us in 1945.

This picture was taken most probably in July 1945 and not in September because Flight Lieutenant Eugene Gagnon DFC was sent home and we have pictures of him with his friends and family dated August 12, 1945.

Eugene Gagnon never went back to England. He would die in a plane crash on October 21, 1947 near Windsor Mills.

W/C S. P. Russell D.F.C. centre seated with mustache (photo property of S. P. Russell)

We owe him so much.

If there was very little information on the Internet about him, now there is a little more.

Lest we forget

No. 23 Squadron is still operational

Even though I am not writing that much it does not mean this blog is not operational.

Peter is working hard to find other airmen who served with 23 Squadron and with his father Tommy Smith.

Peter Smith collection

Peter just contacted Flight Sergeant Darbon’s relatives.

What he wrote is very personal indeed.

All Peter wants to do is to keep No. 23 Squadron memories alive.

Tom Cushing collection

This blog is playing a part and I am proud to be a part of it.

It all started here…

Semper Aggressus

Airman found…

Peter Smith will be happy.

He had lost this little piece of paper with the information.

Now he found relatives again…

I am a niece of Flight Sergeant Douglas Darbon. If you need any further information I will gladly pass it onto my Aunt.

Liz Darbon

This is what this blog is all about…

Flight Sergeant Darbon