Nightfighter Navigator

One of my friends sent me a message about a Mosquito crew who had to bail out over Belgium on September 16/17 1944 on a night mission to Brunswick,  Germany.

That crew was with RAF 128 Squadron.

Flight Lieutenant Hugh Bartly was the pilot and he was a Canadian.

John Leonard Hartley, the navigator, was supposedly also Canadian.

Both jumped.

The pilot survived but the navigator was killed.

I went looking for more information on the navigator and I found nothing.

Ironically the navigator was British and I found myself instead on that Website.

It’s about a RAF navigator who flew on Mosquitoes and also with the RCAF.

You will find a wealth of information.

He flew during the same period as Eugene Gagnon did with 23 Squadron.

It gives me some insight on Eugene Gagnon’s navigator who was also British.

His name was Ron Harris.

This is the index of the Website…


2 thoughts on “Nightfighter Navigator

  1. Dear Ms Evans,

    Perhaps you might enjoy a short 4 min video (the original was shot on 16mm colour stock in July 1944), It shows Mosquitoes flying, and includes some shots taken from the navigator’s seat, similar to the one your father would have occupied. These Mosquitoes are the bomber version, but it will certainly give you a flavour of the time.

    Yours sincerely

    Ross Sharp
    People’s Mosquito

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