Bud Badley

George phoned yesterday.

I picked up the phone.

He asked me who was calling.

I told him Cricket 34.

That was George’s call sign when landing at Little Snoring.

George sent me a ton of pictures for the exhibition at the Bagotville Air Defense Museum scheduled for this summer.

He wanted to know if I had received everything.

You would not believe what he sent me…

He sent me this in particular.

That is some precious photograph… 

And there is an interesting anecdote that goes with it. I will let you look at it closely before I will tell you.


5 thoughts on “Bud Badley

  1. For Bud Badley. I hope you can reply. Remember your navigator A.A. Wilson? I acquired his logbook. Yoe are mentioned many times in it. Please contact me!

  2. I found this site after the Blast documentary was aired in the UK. I had the privilege of commanding No 23 Sqn 1997-1999 and am currently Chairman of the Sqn Association. I would love to hear from any ex-23 Sqn members, or family, who would like to be part of the Association. We still have a couple of Mosquito members but sadly time has caught up with the others. We also have members from the Javelin, Lightning, Phantom, Tornado and Sentry eras! I would especially like to make contact with Bud.

    Air Cdre Dai Whittingham RAF Retd.

    • I just sent this to George Stewart with your e-mail address…

      Hi George,

      I got this comment on the blog.
      Maybe you can write this person.
      He wants to make contact with Bud.



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