Eugène Gagnon DFC 1941-1945 RCAF: part I

Where to begin this story about an unsung hero?

This is a good start.

Eugène immortalized by Pat Rooney at Little Snoring 1945
(Courtesy of Jacques Gagnon)


Jacques Gagnon is Eugène Gagnon’s nephew.

His uncle Achilles Eugène Gagnon was born in Bromptonville in the province of Quebec on the 28th of May 1921. Eugène had a normal childhood. Nothing much would happen in Eugène’s early life except in 1935 when his father died.

Eugène loved to play sports especially hockey. He was quite good at it having been invited to practice with the Montreal Canadiens in 1940.

I know very little about Eugène’s character since I never met him. Eugène died in a plane crash in 1947 at Windsor Mills. I was born in 1948 in Montreal where I grew up and went to school.

Going to school one day in 1958… That’s when Eugène’s story really began!

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.

— Isaac Asimov


3 thoughts on “Eugène Gagnon DFC 1941-1945 RCAF: part I

  1. Hi! Amazed to find all this information about 23 Squadron! My father was R. C. Harris – he flew with Eugene Gagnon on 33 missions out of Little Snoring. Sadly my father died young at the age of 51 in Wellington Somerset UK

    • I found you!


      I finally found you.
      I have waiting been since 2010 for someone related to Eugène Gagnon.s navigator to write to me.
      I have goose bumps!

      Please share whatever info you have.


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