Eugène Gagnon DFC 1941-1945 RCAF: part II

Where to begin?

A young school boy 10 years-old looking at airplane models in the showcase window of a men’s clothing store. About 20 or so. I can still see them. This is how my interest for aviation and WWII began. Passion would be more appropriate.

So when Marcel Bergeron had asked me back in 2010 to help him find his hero when he was young, it was like a piece of cake. Well, not quite. This is all I had to start with. His discharge papers dated December 28th, 1945. A sad day in the life of Eugène as he tried to stay as a pilot in the RCAF.

Collection Marcel Bergeron

Collection Marcel Bergeron

These discharge papers and some information Marcel had. 

He told me his hero was a Mosquito pilot. 

A French-Canadian Mosquito pilot! 

A French-Canadian Mosquito pilot from a little town I knew nothing about! 


I got curious to say the least. So the search started with a visit to Bromptonville. I had to look at Google maps not to get lost on my way there. A little town with an unsung hero all but forgotten except for a name on a war monument.

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Who has ever heard of Bromptonville in Little Snoring? 

Who has ever heard of Little Snoring in Bromptonville

Who has ever heard what happened in Little Snoring back in December 1944? 

December 1944, the 5th of December to be more precise. Eugène Gagnon would take off for his freshman mission with his navigator F/O R.C. Harris on his right.

F/O R.C. Harris

Collection Tom Cushing via Peter Smith

They were heading for Zuider Zee. They would do 32 more missions together before the end of WWII.


5 thoughts on “Eugène Gagnon DFC 1941-1945 RCAF: part II

    • Enjoy everything…

      This blog is all about Eugene and your father.
      They were a team.
      Whatever you want to share with me, it okay.

      I have all their missions. They flew 33 missions together.


      • Hi Pierre! My father spoke a lot about his time in the RAF with Eugene. His log books are with my ex wife but I will retrieve them and share any nuggets of which there are many. Many entries are quite graphic and extraordinary e.g. chasing Luftwaffe jet fighters overs Berlin! I have been to Little Snoring and have a model of a Little Snoring based Mosquito FB V1 on my fireplace! Will be in touch again when I have more time! Rob Harris

      • His logbook… Most precious thing in the world Rob.
        Most precious.
        Everything is in there.
        I have added Eugène’s and Ron’s missions on the blog in a PDF files.

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