Eugène Gagnon DFC 1941-1945 RCAF: part IV

Eugène would come back to Bromptonville after the war as a Flight Lieutenant.

Flying Officer Gagnon was promoted to Flight Lieutenant in February 1945. His co-pilot, Flying Officer R C Harris, 
was promoted to Flight Lieutenant in April 1945. The 2 officers remained pilot and co-pilot on all missions carried 
out whilst on 23 Squadron. (Notes from Mike Thomas)

Not as a hero.

Well of course his family was happy to see him come back alive from the war.

Eugène Gagnon, Georgiana (his mother), Wilfrid (his brother), Graziella (his sister), Odina (his brother), Simone (her sister)
In front, his niece Carmen

But people wanted to forget about the war, not only in Bromptonville but all over the world.

I can understand that.

But Eugène could not forget what he went through from 1941 to 1945.

Eugène never talked that much about the war.

Just a little.

Just enough to Marcel Bergeron.

Just enough so I could find everything about Eugène, even how he died on October 21, 1947.

I found everything about Eugène… 

Well almost everything, except…


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