Eugène Gagnon DFC 1941-1945 RCAF: part V

I found everything except Eugène’s precious logbook and war medals.

Simone Gagnon, Eugène’s sister, told Marcel Bergeron she has put them in the garbage after Eugène had died in a plane crash! 

Afterwards, she told him, she had been crazy to do such a thing.

I am sure she did not realise that all of Eugène’s wartime memories had died by doing that.

63 years later, Marcel contacted me through a veteran who had written his memoirs. With Marcel’s memory and the discharge papers, I could start piecing together Eugène’s service with the RCAF by asking Archives Canada for his service record even though I was not related to him. I only needed a proof of his death. This is just a small part of what Archives Canada sent me.


part of the service record

A year later, after all my research had been done, Marcel told me he has contacted Jacques Gagnon, Eugène’s nephew. He told him that he had something to show him about his uncle. Jacques Gagnon wanted to see me right away. Jacques had also something to show me.

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