Hector Goldie and his Navigator

Remember this comment I got last week on this blog that pays homage to 23 Squadron airmen…

Hi, my father-in-law was in 23 Squadron. His name was Hector Goldie. Any information about him would be gratefully received. We know he was in Malta in 1943. He died in 1972.

Many thanks


One of my readers knew a lot about Hector Goldie. Of course he did, he’s Peter Smith, Tommy Smith’s son.

Peter has been searching to learn about his father’s war experience since his father died in 2006. He admits he knew very little about his father when he was in the RAF.

Veterans seldom talk.

Now Peter shares through this blog all that he found on his father and his comrades in arms. One comrade in arms was Hector Goldie whose nickname was the Baron.

Intrigued? I know Hector Goldie’s daughter-in-law is.

Come back next time for more about the Baron… and someone else… and many more.


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