More on One More Airman… Flight Lieutenant E. L. (Ted) Gosling

This is what his grandson wrote me…  I wanted to get his permission before posting it.

Hello Pierre

Thanks for creating this blog, it’s great to see that there are so many people keeping their memories alive.

My name is Marten Richens and I am the grandson of Flt/Lt E. L. Gosling (Ted). I have attached a photo highlighting him, but in the group shot he is right in the middle, next to Flt/Sgt Goody.

Flight Officer EL (Ted) Gosling

I thought you may like a photo that he took. I can’t remember when or why he took it and he unfortuantely died in 1989 so I am unable to ask him. It was published in a book (The Aircraft of 100 Group by Martin Streetly (ISBN: 978-0709010432)) but it has been out of print for many years now. I shall try to get a better scan for you.

Mossie in flight 23 Squadron

I am a member of a model club and have a model  built to commemorate him. I will send photos of it when I have taken them.

Best Regards




2 thoughts on “More on One More Airman… Flight Lieutenant E. L. (Ted) Gosling

    • This is why I have been writing like crazy.

      Have you seen the blog about RCAF 403 Squadron and how it started.

      Sometimes you have trigger something.

      I told Greg that he could keep all this to himself or share it all.
      He shared everything.

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