He Went in for a Second Pass…

I never got around to post this back in 2011. Now I think the time is right

This is what happened when Tommy Smith was shot down.

Tommy Smith

This is what George Stewart told me.

George told me a lot of things during our little five-hour chat. We were sitting side by side just like in a Mosquito.

Mossie in flight 23 Squadron

Unlike the crew of a Mosquito, I was sitting on the left and George was on the right. His lovely wife had prepared some snacks. I did not have time to grab a bite. I was too enthraled by what George was telling me.

Everything is in my head. I would have wished I could have taped the conversation. I had my tape recorder but it never crossed my mind to use it or I did not have the guts to ask him.

We talked about Paul Beaudet, George’s navigator.

Hey we're a team

George had just kind words for him. Paul is now deceased, but his memory still lives on with his daughter Diane and his granddaughter Sonya.

Sonya is the one who found my blog Lest We Forget two years ago… just like Robert did this week.


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