What about this?

What about this?

23 Squadron Group Picture

Gosling family collection

Eugene Gagnon is on that picture, but not under the nose this time.


23 Squadron Group Picture Eugene Gagnon

Ted Gosling in on the left and Eugene Gagnon is sitting on the tarmac.

Gosling and Gagnon

The picture is fuzzy but I could find Eugene in a haystack.

These pictures were taken in July 1945. 23 Squadron was disbanded in September 1945.

Here are some more pictures from the Gosling family collection.

23 Squadron end of the war 2


23 Squadron end of the war 3

Tony Marks beating up the airfield on the day it was disbanded

23 Squadron end of the war 1

More Mosquitos

Tony Marks?

Who is Buzzing Tony Marks from 23 Squadron?

I will have to look it up. Meantime, I wonder if Robert Harris can find his father in the Gosling family collection?

I have…


3 thoughts on “What about this?

    • I found this site when looking for contact details for Ted’s family. I have his 23 squadron tie pin and would like to pass it on but have no address. Nothing else I’m afraid.

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