My Reward for Writing This Blog?

What’s my reward for writing about 23 Squadron since 2010?

Paul Beaudet and George Stewart

Just this comment I want to share.

Too precious to leave unread in the comment section.

And what a blog it is. We found my dad’s (JRP Beaudet) pilot through this blog: George Stewart, and what a gift this has been. My brothers and sisters have met George and his wife three or four times in the last two years and he gave us a part of dad we knew so very little about. George is an amazing man with an incredible memory. He has shared his stories, his photos, his writings and most importantly given us his friendship.

Thank you Pierre for doing this blog. I love ‘meeting’ the men of the 23 squadron. Can you believe Pete Smith even sent me chapters of his book.

You have done an incredible ‘chef d’oeuvre’.

Hope we get to meet one day.


Diane Beaudet Carlucci

George Stewart on nose

George Stewart collection


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