Post no. 126

This is post no. 126.

If you are interested in 23 Squadron a little known Mosquito Squadron in the RAF during World War II, then you should read this blog from the start.


One post a day will take you more than four months. Of course you don’t have to read everything.

But then you will miss a lot of great stories…

Paul Beaudet and George Stewart 1

Just use the search engine and type in a name of someone you know who could have been related to that squadron. That how people find about their relatives.

Diane Carlucci was the first one to do so.

Paul Beaudet DFC

Paul Beaudet


Members of the Gosling family also found it.

23 Squadron end of the war 3

Robert Harris is one of the latest to have done so. His father was Eugène Gagnon’s navigator.

No. 23 Squadron Aircrew 1945 R. Harris

R. C. Harris

He can now share with all of us what stories his father told him about 23 Squadron.

I don’t have any relatives related to 23 Squadron. In fact I never knew that squadron existed in the first place.

I owe it all to this man. He wanted me to help him find more about his hero when he was young.

Marcel Bergeron at the crash scene

Marcel Bergeron

Marcel Bergeron, who is now 85 years old, is seen here in front of Eugène Gagnon’s Republic Seabee.

Eugène died on October 21, 1947. Very little was known about Eugène during WWII. So I started looking in 2010 and wrote about it here on this blog.

Everything is on this blog! 


But this blog is not just only about Eugène Gagnon a little know French-Canadian Mosquito pilot, it’s about all those whose relatives are sharing what they know about 23 Squadron and thus will keep this squadron operational forever.

photo 23 Squadron Crest


3 thoughts on “Post no. 126

  1. and what at blog it is. We found my dad’s (JRP Beaudet) pilot through this blog: George Stewart, And what a gift this has been. My brothers and sisters have met George and his wife three or four times in the last two years and he gave us a part of dad we knew so very little about. George is an amazing man with an incredible memory. He has shared his stories, his photos, his writings and most importantly given us his friendship.

    Thank you Pierre for doing this blog. I love ‘meeting’ the men of the 23 squadron. Can you believe Pete Smith even sent me chapters of his book.

    You have done an incredible ‘chef d’oeuvre’.

    Hope we get to meet one day.

    Diane Beaudet Carlucci

  2. Pierre, You provide a service that most families will never be able to have. It is meaningful and important to everyone who was touched by a member of the 23 Squadron.
    On behalf of them, I thank you.

    1. That’s the least we can do so people will be able to remember…
      Lest we forget.
      That’s my other blog.
      And yes, I got on in French also.
      Blogging is addictive.
      But you already know this don’t you?

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