One More Priceless Artefact

This was sent by Peter Smith with this message…

Hi Pierre,

I believe Johnny Rivaz took it down after the last op was flown.

Operational record 004

That’s All Folks
What Next?

Johnny Rivaz?

Flight Lieutenant Rivaz

close-up of this picture


July 1945

Johnny Rivaz, by taking down this precious artefact, has without knowing it kept this Mosquito Squadron operational forever.

23 Squadron end of the war 3

This is an edited version of the scoreboard.

Operational record 004 modified


11 thoughts on “One More Priceless Artefact

    • Got a message you are now a subscriber.
      I wrote you a comment about Flight Lieutenant Thomas’s nephew who helped me in my search for Eugène’s 33 missions.
      I will post another article about F/L Thomas using the scoreboard so people can understand the symbols.

    • One day someone will send something related to George and your father.
      This blog will live on forever.

  1. The “That’s All Folks” table was framed and displayed proudly in my home for many years. My father was John Jacobs.

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