Dan? Theo and Hoppy? in Toronto

Theo in Toronto mod

That’s the caption I believe at the back. I know where Toronto is and what was there during WW II.

No. 1 Manning Depot. I don’t think Theodore Griffiths DFC got his first training there. I have to ask Rich to look where Theo got his first training days as an AC2.

Rich sent me more precious artefacts about Theo, his father-in-law. I am not related to any Mosquito pilots, but I know a lot about 23 Squadron pilots and navigators and I write a lot about them when people share what they have.

I asked George Stewart if he knew Theodore Griffiths. This is what he wrote about these pictures.

Hi Pierre

The header, with Tommy Smith at the left, the Squadron photo next, and the Squadron crest, then Sticky Murphy on the right, was all Little Snoring , 1945, because the Mosquito MKVI in the photo has ASH, and Paddle blade props.


The photos below the travel directive to Malta, Sept 1943 show a MkII Mosquito with no drop tanks, and pointed props, likely taken in Malta, or Italy, before the squadron moved shortly afterwards to Alghero, Sardinia.

image 4

The shot with Theo, and the two navigators could have been taken anywhere.

image 5

You’d have to get his logbook to confirm possibilities. I don’t recall meeting Theo, and don’t recognize the navs.…

I arrived at Alghero, on 31 Dec, 1943, and with the other crews who came with us, were sent packing to Algiers, because we were not needed yet, much to our chagrin, having volunteered, in response to their need for replacement crews.

We were flown back to UK, and rejoined 23, later on the 30th of April, to stay, after flying 3 more Mosquitoes out from England. We almost operated from Sardinia, but were shipped back to UK by sea, with the squadron, to work from Little Snoring.

Perhaps Pete could look in his copies of the daily operational record sheets, from June 1944, to Jan,1945, to see if Theo shows up there.
If he was an NCO pilot, unfortunately we may not have crossed paths.

Let me know how you make out

Good luck, and best wishes always


Rich had more artefacts to show us…

diploma mod


3 thoughts on “Dan? Theo and Hoppy? in Toronto

  1. I wish people from the 11th or even the 6th or 8th armies would chime in on my site this way. Maybe I haven’t been at it long enough.

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