Landing a Mosquito on Its Belly

Sometimes I get comments from readers who are related to veterans who have survived the war like Robert Harris. 

Sometimes I will get them from readers whose father never returned. 

Sometimes I get comments from readers thanking God for being alive because someone saved their father’s or grandfather’s life during WWII.

Someone wrote me a poem.

Click here.

I am sure Robert Harris has given lots of thoughts about this mission his father and Eugene Gagnon flew on March 27, 1945 over Elbe River…

F540 entry 27 March 1945.

F/L Gagnon and F/O Harris were detailed for an Anti-Flak patrol of Elbe River and Ludwigslust area. On the outward journey the CSU became u/s causing vibration of starboard engine, which developed excessively, so course was set for base. Eventually the engine failed completely. Great difficulty was found in maintaining height and at 4000 ft fuel tanks were jettisoned but only starboard drop tank released. Port engine started cutting 90 miles from English coast. This (trying to drop port tank) was repeated four time and 10 miles from the coast fuel tank unexpectedly jettisoned. R/T was very weak and communication to Coltishall was made through GOODCHILD 37 whose timely aid was very much appreciated. The Mosquito, on one engine, belly landed at Base (Cat. AC) and we are pleased to record that the crew were unhurt.

Landing a Mosquito on its belly was not what was highly recommended to attempt…


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