Junkers 52

Theodore Griffiths and Eric Maude by Junkers 52 at Pomigliano from logbook records. This picture was taken in November 1943.

Junkers 52

Eric Maude was Theodore’s navigator. After being posted with 23 Squadron, Theo and Eric became instructors with No. 60 O.T.U. (operational training unit).

They received their DFC in January 1945.


Just like George and Paul, Theo and Ric were a team and stayed as a team.

Paul Beaudet and George Stewart 1

Theo had kept many pictures from WW II. He had a camera and he used it to document what he lived during WW II.


Here are some more pictures taken when Theo was posted with 23 Squadron.


Football in the rain Alghero (picture taken from December 1943 to May 1944)


Me and the boys in Malta October 1943


Singing compass?
Sardinia,   Alghero (December 1943 – May 1944)

Singing compass?

I have to ask George about compass singing.

Here’s George’s answer…


They were SWINGING a compass, a common procedure to make it reliable in flight, and was done on a routine basis.

Compasses don’t sing!!

Cricket 34

I should have known… Compasses don’t sing.


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