Imagine by clicking here.

Total darkness, even lower, over hostile countries, in late 1944, in winter.

Imagine George Stewart and Paul Beaudet.

Paul Beaudet and George Stewart 1

Imagine Eugene Gagnon and R.C. Harris.

No. 23 Squadron Aircrew 1945 R. Harris

Imagine Theo Griffiths and Eric Maude.

10-11-1943 Naples Theo

Imagine Tommy Smith and Arthur Cockayne.


Imagine what it was like.

Now imagine you are practising bailing out of a Mosquito like Sticky Murphy and Jock Read…

Jock Read and Sticky Murphy

Or having a Chrismas dinner with 23 Squadron…

Xmas Overseas 1943

Just imagine what you are missing if you have not read all the posts on this blog about 23 Squadron.

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6 thoughts on “Imagine

    • Very fast, very nimble…
      Deadly armament…
      4 20mm cannons under the fuselage and 4 .303 machine guns in the nose.

      • Would you believe they also carried bombs… in the bomb bay of course.
        Some versions had rockets under the wings.
        There was also an anti-shipping version with a 57mm cannon in the nose.

        You know I could go on and on with this conversation.

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