Imagine by clicking here.

Total darkness, even lower, over hostile countries, in late 1944, in winter.

Imagine George Stewart and Paul Beaudet.

Paul Beaudet and George Stewart 1

Imagine Eugene Gagnon and R.C. Harris.

No. 23 Squadron Aircrew 1945 R. Harris

Imagine Theo Griffiths and Eric Maude.

10-11-1943 Naples Theo

Imagine Tommy Smith and Arthur Cockayne.


Imagine what it was like.

Now imagine you are practising bailing out of a Mosquito like Sticky Murphy and Jock Read…

Jock Read and Sticky Murphy

Or having a Chrismas dinner with 23 Squadron…

Xmas Overseas 1943

Just imagine what you are missing if you have not read all the posts on this blog about 23 Squadron.

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6 thoughts on “Imagine

    1. Very fast, very nimble…
      Deadly armament…
      4 20mm cannons under the fuselage and 4 .303 machine guns in the nose.

      1. Would you believe they also carried bombs… in the bomb bay of course.
        Some versions had rockets under the wings.
        There was also an anti-shipping version with a 57mm cannon in the nose.

        You know I could go on and on with this conversation.

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