Disc 2008 213-1

This is probably a Mosquito flying over Malta in 1943.

Who flew YP-D?

Good question.

Pilots were not assigned to a particular plane. But we know from this logbook page that Theo Griffiths and Ric Maude were flying YP-D on November 3rd, 1943 on their first mission from Pomigliano to straffe in the region of Rome and Florence.

Armorers prepare a de Havilland Mosquito FB Mark VI of No. 23 Squadron RAF for night operations at Pomigliano d’Arco airfield, Naples. A detachment of No 23 Squadron was deployed at Pomigliano from 1 November until 7 December 1943 and so the date was taken between this two dates. (source)

No. 23 Squadron had a detachment flying Mosquitos from Pomigliano.


This is why a pilot’s logbook is so precious.

Pictures are also precious of course.

10-11-1943 Naples

10 November 1943 in Naples

About pictures, this one on the Internet.

Malta, Luqa Airfield, June 1943: the Commander of No 23 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Wing Commander John B Selby, DSO, DFC, already on flight dress, and his observer looking at their de Havilland Mosquito II aircraft “P-Peter” while other members of the Squadron watch from atop the blast wall at the Dispersal Point. The four 20mm cannon (sic) are corked to prevent dirt damaging them.

On FlickR

Mosquito over Malta


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