Still Secret?

I got a document last Monday night. It was dated July 1944. I am almost sure it is not a secret document anymore because you can buy copies from the National Archives.

But to be on the safe side, I won’t post it on the blog.

What were Theodore Griffiths and his navigator Eric Maude doing on the night of 18/19 July 1944?

The document says…

At 0015 on July 19th, 1944, Warrant Officer Theodore Griffiths took off from Little Snoring with his navigator Flight Sergeant Eric Maude aboard Mosquito PZ.174. Their mission was to patrol Vechta / Quackenbrouck / Diepholz.

No activity.


On that same document we read what George Stewart did early morning on July 20th, 1944.

1943-1944_Plane (bike)

George Stewart collection

The document says he saw a Ju88 that climbed into the clouds…



2 thoughts on “Still Secret?

  1. I’m getting tired of complimenting you – you’re just too good!! (Joking aside, I’m envious of the great logging of information you produce here.) One typo guy – is still is vivid?

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