Preserving the Past – 27th September, 1941

The U.S. government is in deep trouble for allowing RAF recruits to train on U.S. soil before it entered the war on December 7th, 1941.

Here is the proof.


Theodore Griffiths is now on American soil in September 1941. He will be going to Americus, Georgia to train as a pilot.

Theo set foot first in Toronto as part of No. 5 I.T.W. (Initial Training Wing).

He was not alone.


And he made some friends.

Theo in Toronto mod

Dan, Theo, and Hoppy

After Americus, Theo went to Macon then to Selma, Alabama, and finally to Eglin Field, Florida. Theo would be back in England in June 1942.


In Selma, Alabama, Theo trained on an AT-6A

training logbook February and March 1942


advanced trainer

Theo got his wings at Craig Field, Selma, Alabama.

 diploma mod

In total Craig Field graduated more than 9,000 pilots before the end of the war. Craig Field also saw a number of British Royal Air Force cadets through their training. By 1943, 1,392 RAF cadets had earned their wings at Craig Field. In addition, French and Dutch pilots were trained at Craig Field. (Wikipedia)


4 thoughts on “Preserving the Past – 27th September, 1941

  1. The government allowed and did a lot of things before we entered the war officially, despite the majority of the nation believing in isolationism. FDR wanted to help Winston and who could stop King Roosevelt.

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