Theo Comes Back to England

What happened after going to Eglin Field, in Florida?

Theo went back to England.

First he went to Twinwood, then to Ford with RCAF 418 Squadron, then Lyneham with No. 301 Ferry Training Unit where he ferried a Mosquito to Malta on September 26, 1943…

Theo logbook postings

This is Theo’s secret order to ferry aircraft No HX. 868 to Malta.

image 3

He would later joined 23 Squadron on October 27, 1943.

Before being posted with 23 Squadron Theo was posted with RCAF 418 Squadron from March 23rd to July 31, 1943.

What did he do there?

We will have to check that out in his logbook.


7 thoughts on “Theo Comes Back to England

  1. After following your blog for some time now, I expected our paths might cross as we share common personnel (23 Squadron and 418 Squadron).
    Theo Griffiths should be mentioned in the 418 Squadron ORB. I shall look this up later today (it is after midnight as I write this). Should you wish the appropriate pages from the ORB, I can send them to you. Let me know of an email address to send the pertinent pages. As the “unofficial historian” of 418 Squadron, it would be useful to our group here in Edmonton Alberta Canada to obtain scans of Griffiths’ log book during the time he was with 418 Squadron.
    C. Adams
    418 (City of Edmonton) Squadron R.C.A.F. Association

    • You know how I am quick to react…
      I sent this message to Cliff.

      Hi Cliff,

      I saw your comments on the blog.
      I don’t have all the logbook.
      I am sending you what I have about Theo and the 418.

      I will c.c. this to Rich. He will contact you and he will probably find pictures of Theo when he was with the 418.
      At least I hope so.

      I would like to continue on with this story before jumping to 23 Squadron.
      Your 418 ORB will be a great help.

      As a unofficial historian of 23 Squadron along with Peter Smith I want to thank you.

      Best regards,


      P.S. I live in Quebec and I am French-Canadian. Retired teacher and freelance translator

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