Theo With RCAF 418 Squadron

I only have a few pages of Theo’s logbook and a few documents to work with.

This one is most interesting.

At first we would think Theo flew a Mosquito on his first operation.

First Operation of Theodore Griffiths mod


logbook1-RCAF 418

Theo was with RCAF 418 Squadron at Ford from March 23rd to July 31, 1943.  This is a page from his logbook showing what Theo did on March 26.

before 23 Squadron 2

March       26       Boston III           No. S         SELF       SOLO ON TYPE 

Theo soloed on a Douglas Boston III (American A-20 Havoc)

This is the next page of the logbook with his first mission.

before 23 Squadron


More on RCAF 418 Squadron here.


4 thoughts on “Theo With RCAF 418 Squadron

    • Exactly. He has become a family member and Rich is telling him what goes on with the blog.
      This is my reward just like Koji with his two veterans and Chatter Box with her veteran.
      This is worth millions!

  1. I have a couple of photographs my late aunt had of a party at RAF Ford with the 418 Squadron on the 31st October 1943 also newspaper cuttings and photos of some of the pilots of that squadron. I’d be very happy to forward the scanned images if they are of interest to you.

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