RCAF 418 Squadron

Here again are the two logbook pages where we can see what Theodore Griffiths did when he was taken on strength with RCAF 418 Squadron.

before 23 Squadron 2

before 23 Squadron

From March 26th through April 16th Theo was training on a Boston III.


X-Country, Homings, Local Recco, but mostly N.F.T., Night Flying Training.

First Ops. Rennes where he encountered light flak.

Second Ops. Evreux – St. Andre – Dreux… Not a thing… Two Trains ?

Third Ops. Creil – Cormeilles No Action Doused as ?

The rest of Theo’s operations should be in the next logbook pages. I will ask Rich to send them if he can.

While we are waiting for these pages, here are some links to videos about Boston III.





This last one is about Boston III as night fighter with 23 Squadron.


Profile Publications No. 202


2 thoughts on “RCAF 418 Squadron

  1. The Boston seems to be easily managed. I was surprised to see color film used. The pilots seem so high that the war doesn’t even appear to be happening below them. Great Post.

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