Theo’s Logbook

Rich sent me the first part of Theo’s precious logbook.

The training days.

cover of logbook

inside cover pages

October 6 1941

October 6th to November 7th 1941

November 10 1941

November 10th to December 9th 1941

December 1941

December 18th to December 31st 1941

January 1942

January 1st to January 31st 1942

February 1942

February 1st to February 9th 1942

April 1942

April 1st to  April 18th 1942

June 1942

June 17th to  June 25th 1942

June-July 1942

June 30th to  July 7th 1942

July 1942-2

July 8th to  July 16th 1942

July 1942-3

July 16th to  July 23rd 1942

We can see Theo was training on an Airspeed Oxford.

RAF Airspeed Oxford

Rich has these documents in Theo’s collection.


One day I will ask Rich if he can scan the precious Oxford Handbook to share with all of us.


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